Monday, November 01, 2010

If You're Going to San Francisco . . .

One day was not enough time for San Francisco, but we did our best to fit in as much as possible.  We started bright and early at Fisherman's Wharf (A tourist trap yes, but you have to see it, you know?)
 We enjoyed the views of Alcatraz
 And had fun checking out all the cheesy shops (Larry's favorite was the sock shop. He treated himself to a pair of socks with Ninjas all over them, which he thought was awesome, and I thought was weird).  Creed's favorite was the candy shop.
 We spent a long time at Musee Mechanique (which was the real reason we headed to Fisherman's Wharf).  It's a museum of old arcade games and mechanical instruments.
 $5.00 bought us a lot of entertainment (and the cutest photo booth strip you've ever seen.  If I find it I'll scan it in for you)
 Then Larry and Creed feasted on seafood while Ollie kept himself busy posing for photos.
 Which really wore him out (he spent a lot of his vacation snoozing in a stroller)

 We skipped the trolley car line and walked up the steepest hill I've ever seen (Which was quite humorous as we struggled to push strollers, and we stopped mid-hill in a laughing fit.  That was probably the most memorable point of the vacation for me).  We made it the to top to walk down Lombard Street, known as the crookedest street in the world.
 And Ollie slept on.
 I couldn't have planned a sweeter moment in San Francisco; as we walked down Lombard Street the famous parrots of Telegraph Hill flew back and forth squawking.  I was awed.
And the view from there was pretty magical too.
 We walked back down the hill and through the Italian area of town where we stopped for pastries.
 And spotted a Banksy on our way to Chinatown.
 We had just enough time to pick up a few souvenirs in Chinatown before we headed back to the ship (I was a little disappointed that we didn't have time to slip our own fortunes into fortune cookies at the factory, but it was a fairly perfect day so I can't complain.)
 And Ollie slept on.

 And I have to say a pretty incredible way to see the Golden Gate Bridge is going under it on a cruise ship.

I highly recommend it all!

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mandi said...

We love going to San Fran as a family! My sister lives there, so we try to go fairly often (however, from Texas, that is a bit of a stretch!).
Love, love China Town. And my son would FREAK if he got to go under the GG bridge! It is just about his favorite thing on earth!