Friday, April 27, 2007

Creed is one month old!

Creed had his one month check up today. He's grown three inches and now weighs 11 pounds! Our friends the Rices take a picture of their kids every month with the same stuffed animal so you can tell how much they've grown. We adopted their tradition so here's Creed at one week.

And here's Creed at one month (he's practicing being a Wild Thing so he can hang out with Max).

And here's Creed in his bouncy seat, his favorite place to be.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Creed is a little cranky today after being a little sick last night so what better to cheer him up than this onesie Grant decorated for him? I love that he wrote, "It is good to have a new boy." on it. And what better to cheer me up than to finally be done with my pages for a quiet book exchange group that is meeting tonight.
Yep, it was a lot of work. Thank goodness my mom was able to help me with them while she was visiting. I made the layout up myself so here's a closeup. One side is a finger puppet theater and the other side has five finger puppets with pictures of their habitats on the pockets.

We finished painting Creed's room back when my mom was visiting, but the nusery hasn't progressed much further than that. We sanded Creed's dresser on Saturday, but we haven't had a chance to paint it yet and I picked up some canvases to do some paintings, but I didn't get to that either. I think Larry and I are both amazed at how limited our freetime is these days, but we'r ehappy to be so busy (really, really tired, but happy).

Sunday, April 22, 2007

A big weekend for Creed

We finally made it to church with Creed so here he is in the church outfit that Larry put together for him. It makes his skinny body look a little bigger than it really is. We had the chance to visit with a lot of friends this weekend and Creed finally got to meet the Rices. Their daughter was pretty excited, and she wants to name their baby Creed too.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Creed is four weeks old!

We decided to try out his bumbo chair today even though it says it's for three months old and up because Creed doesn't seem to have any problem holding his head up. I think he liked it. And here he is enjoying a story from Larry.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So Much to Celebrate!

First and foremost, since Creed has come home from the hospital he hasn't slept between 10 pm and 5 am. After three weeks of that I was a total zombie, but three nights ago he started sleeping at night!!!! Of course he wakes up several times a night and he may wake up for the day at 5 am, but it's still a huge improvement. I can't tell you how overjoyed I am at the change.

Then add to that that Larry's back. He's been out of town for the past week for fellowship interviews and to spend a little time with his grandpa. I knew ahead of time that he had to go and cried every time I thought of it because I wasn't sure I was ready for a week alone with Creed. It was a rough week on our own, but we both survived and we're so happy to have Larry back!

He made it home just in time to go to a party to see our friend Adam Blacker on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. It was so fun to be watching someone we know that we would love to see win loads of money. Adam's wife Sheri put together a fantastic party, They had a costume contest for people dressed up like millionaires and they had everyone guess how much money Adam won. They even had questions prepared for all the party goers to play Who Wants to be a Millionaire and they provided some amazing snacks and prizes. Here's Adam on the big screen.

Here's the crowd cheering for Adam.
And here's the $25,000.00 winner!
And his lovely party-planning wife.
Being at such a fun party made me realize that it's been awhile since we've planned anything fun. I'd like to do something especially fun for our friends since they've been so thoughtful and helpful with Creed. I'm thinking maybe a local version of The Amazing Race that will take them to some of our favorite places in Columbus. Does that sound fun to you?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Clothes Make the Man

Creed is getting bigger every day, and he's already growing out of some of his clothes. Last week I tried these pants on him and they drowned him, but I tried them again today because practically every item of clothing both of us own is soaked in spit-up right now. I couldn't believe that they fit him now!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Creed is three weeks old

My mom has requested more pictures of Creed so here they are. I tried to capture my favorite face that he makes. but my camera is a little slow. He's draws his mouth into a tight "O" and looks so surprised and I think it's so cute. And here he is with a new gift, a dog crocheted by Jessica. She was working on it and hanging out with me when my water broke so not only is it cute, but it's sentimentally special. I couldn't resist buying the mini arm chair because it matches the big leather chair that I have in the library and I think they will look so cute together.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

The Easter bunny made it to our house! And look what he left me in my Easter basket!Here's another fun Easter tradion idea from Candice. She didn't want her boys to have too much candy so she made a treasure map and cut it up into puzzle pieces that she put in some of the eggs. When the boys were finished with their hunt they opened their eggs to find the pieces and put together the map which lead them to a grand prize. It was cute to see them so excited.

I'm glad that Marissa and Mike made it all the way up from Tennessee to meet Creed. The new traditions were fun but the best part was just being all together. It was so incredibly sad to see them all go this evening.
The last couple nights have been awful as far as sleep goes so now Creed, Larry and I are ready for frequent naps.

A new Easter tradition

In honor of having both of my sisters and their families in town for Easter, I wanted to do something especially fun so I put together a moonlit/flashlight Easter egg hunt. I heard the idea from someone who has teenagers that were no longer as excited about a normal Easter egg hunt so the night before Easter they started holding their Easter egg hunt in the dark to make things a little more challenging. Each person was assigned a color of eggs to find and there was also a grand prize golden egg with a gift certificate in it. It was freezing but once the kids were in bed the grownups headed out and it was so much fun. I think the cold got to Marissa though!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

A whole lot of fun and a little bit of sadness

Both of my sisters and their families and my mom were in town for ther day! The Saturday before Easter is Duckling Day in Columbus. Whestone library hosting a Duckling Parade based on the picture book Make Way For Ducklings. You can get costume kits at the library ahead of time or make your own duck costumes then a mother duck leads all the kids dressed as ducklings around the park and a police officer directs traffic yelling, "Make way for ducklings!" just like they do in the book. We always go with the Erneys (our adopted family). This year it was freezing!!!!! We skipped most of the parade but made it to the puppet show afterwards. Here are Grant and Cole in their costumes (Grant wasn't so happy about it). and Creed was a duckling too.The puppet show was fun
The boys were totally absorbed

Cat lives by the library and she always hosts an amazing brunch afterwards and Creed had fun bonding with her.

And Ken too!

My mom had to fly home this afternoon. She said my dad wouldn't have an Easter basket for her so we pitched in and sent her home with an Easter purse full of Easter eggs and stationary and notes from us. She started crying saying goodbye to Creed so I started crying and then my sisters started crying and I think Larry and Mike didn't know what to do with a house full of crying Borup women. It's always so sad saying goodbye.

At least we had Easter egg dying to keep us busy for the rest of the afternoon.

Wip it good

Behold my latest WIP (work in progress)
Creed's room may look like a disaster right now, but we actually do have a plan! More pictures later!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

What a difference a week makes



and Creed