Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

The Easter bunny made it to our house! And look what he left me in my Easter basket!Here's another fun Easter tradion idea from Candice. She didn't want her boys to have too much candy so she made a treasure map and cut it up into puzzle pieces that she put in some of the eggs. When the boys were finished with their hunt they opened their eggs to find the pieces and put together the map which lead them to a grand prize. It was cute to see them so excited.

I'm glad that Marissa and Mike made it all the way up from Tennessee to meet Creed. The new traditions were fun but the best part was just being all together. It was so incredibly sad to see them all go this evening.
The last couple nights have been awful as far as sleep goes so now Creed, Larry and I are ready for frequent naps.


Melinda said...

So cute in that basket!!! And you deserve those naps!

Elizabeth said...

I hope I have a spring baby sometime so can put them in a basket. That photo is adorable. Hope you get more sleep.

Larry said...

I want to report that the naps have begun and are appreciated! Also baby Creed has managed to become cuter than before, even though he's already the cutest baby EVER!!

Easter was fantastic with so much family around, and we hope we can coax them back soon.

Kim said...

Steph, Can't you post a cute picture of our baby every day? I miss him so much. We look forward to seeing Larry for a little while though. Love ya!

PS. Love the Easter Basket... well really the fact that Creed easily fit in it. Thanks for my Easter purse. And, you would be so proud of me. Check out the Alpine Blog...I took pictures and posted them and everything by myself. :)