Friday, November 12, 2010

Barnyard Boo

Creed's top recommendation for Halloween activities is Barnyard Boo at Thanksgiving Point (not to be confused with the much scarier Cornbelly's Corn Maze next door, which looks like it would be fun for much older kids).  Barnyard Boo is at the "farm" and I have to say this fake farm is my favorite.  The animals are all so clean and fluffy and friendly (what can I say, I've become quite the city girl).  $7 buys your child a punch pass to participate in seven activities of their choosing.  Creed went for the Ring Toss, Ghost Bowling, cookie decorating, face painting, and wagon ride around the farm, and two pony rides.  He really loved those ponies (or to be more precise, the smallest pony, he wouldn't go near the rest)

The witch's story time was also a big hit (I had just explained to him that it would not be a real witch, and then story time started with how she is a real witch and grew up with her best witch friend Glenda who liked to wear pink and grew up to be an actress witch.  Hmmmm)
I'm not sure if Creed loved feeding the animals more
Or having his face painted.

Tip: If you go next year, be aware that it's only open on weekends and Monday nights.  I heard that it can be crowded, but we went on a Monday night and never had to wait in line for anything.

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Larry said...

I like how during the story time, Creed just squeezed in the middle of a bunch of kids and families he didn't know, then sat enraptured by the witch.

And I love that last picture, and just laughed out loud looking at it.