Monday, November 01, 2010

Our Mega-Vacation Comes to a Close

After docking back in LA, we spent two more days at Disneyland.  It was really hot, but since we'd already spent a few days doing our favorite things at Disneyland, we took it easy and had a lot of fun.  In fact, we took things so easy that I didn't even bring my camera on the second day, we just enjoyed ourselves so I only have a couple of phone pictures from the second day.
 The boys were troopers. Ollie loved watching everything going by
 Creed had so much fun on the rides.  His favorites were the Winnie the Pooh Ride, Buzz Lightyear, It's a Small World, and Monster's Inc and all the rides in Bugs Land at California Adventure.
 Creed kills me with his cuteness.  He loved wearing Ollie's Mickey ears.
 We borrowed them back a few times for photo-ops for Ollie.

 Creed also loved the parades and the fireworks.  I think Larry had a hard time holding him on his shoulders while Creed danced his heart out.
 Larry's birthday was a few days after we got home so as one of his gifts, we sent him off on a three-hour haunted tour of the Parks.  It was a VIP tour that took him on the Tower of Terror, Thunder Mountain, Snow White Ride, Space Mountain, and Haunted Mansion.  He was really proud of his pose on the Tower of Terror.  Can you spot him in this photo?
 We didn't see the Playhouse Disney show until our last day, but Creed thought it was worth the wait.

 Let's be honest, his face in these pictures was worth the whole trip!

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Kate @ Love and Kate said...

Can I just say that I am amazed at all you guys did with two little ones. A-MAZED! I'm still scared to take my little one with me to the grocery store. :)