Monday, November 22, 2010

Hello, my name is Stephanie, and I am a collector of things

I've always been a collector of things.  I can't seem to help myself.  Lately, I seem to collect practical things, but they are certainly just as treasured.  Here are a few examples.

1.  Pretty stamps.  Every time I stop by the post office, it seems I walk away with some pretty stamps.  I'm not a real stamps collector because I don't keep them, I just like to have beautiful stamps on hand for mailing things.  This way I don't have to grit my teeth as I slap an ugly stamp on correspondence that I went to so much effort to make pretty.

2.  Fun birthday candles.  I rarely bake cakes, but it seems like whenever I have, I've rummaged through our kitchen looking for candles only to come up empty handed, and birthdays just aren't as magical without a birthday wish, are they? A few years ago, I decided to be better prepared, and now I get a little thrill every time I spot new birthday candles when I'm shopping (I never claimed I was cool).

These sparkler candles and rainbow candles are from Target.
 And I think I found these Prism color flame candles at my neighborhood grocery store.

Do you collect any practical things like this?  Do fun birthday candles and cute stamps make you happy?


Andilynn said...

I collect cookie cutters, even though I don't make sugar cookies that often, I just love to have the perfect cookie cutter when I do.

Chelan said...

Oh boy. I can't even tell you how happy stamps and candles make me :) (I tripped across your blog looking for things just like that and now I can't stop going through the entries). I used to collect stamps as a kid, but now I do as you do and just use them to prettify (that's a word, right?) my missives. -Usually. I love that King and Queen set and will make Valentine's cards with them. I make a lot of cards, so ephemera is deeply appealing to me. Do an ebay search for vintage matchbox labels sometime and see if you ever stop. So lovely :) Ephemera, vintage silver baby cups (again, cheap on ebay) white, fish shaped dinner platters... I could go on :)