Friday, November 12, 2010

Red Butte Garden After Dark

This is our third year attending Red Butte Garden After Dark, and I have to say if you only have a change to attend one Halloween event in Salt Lake with your toddler, this is the one that I would pick!  Each year they have a different theme, this year it was Halloween around the world (which was a little weird because it's not exactly celebrated world-wide)  In the past it's been a storybook Halloween and an old fashion Halloween.  The really do a great job putting together fun new activities every year.  The whole garden is decorated and there are Halloween lights everywhere.  They even shine spooky spotlight shadows up on the mountains and there are fire barrels around the park to stop and warm yourself.  Of course, it's dark so I don't have many photos to show you how cool it really is.  I do have a few of some of the activities: Pumpkin painting (they said something about how it's tied to origins in Ireland . . . I don't know)

 The potion making tent.  Can you spot my favorite bee?
 Releasing lanterns that we made (Japanese tradition)
 Decorating Australian mischievous pixies
 strolling around with adorable babies
 Decorating masks for Mexico's Day of the Dead

 And just having a great time exploring the garden.
I'm looking forward to seeing what they do next year.  They always have just the right mix of fun and spookiness to please toddlers.

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Larry said...

The fun always outweighs the temperature.