Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Oliver at Eight Months

This is Oliver at 8 months.
 He is cute.  See.
 He is cute when he smiles.
 Cute when he doesn't.

I used to be the best person at getting him to smile.  But Creed has surpassed me there.  In the picture below, I'm likely holding Creed up to get Ollie to smile.

His current love: standing.  His current record for unsupported standing is 3 seconds.  All standing attempts end with a fall, but don't worry, he usually breaks his fall with his head.  (Please note his thighs - wow!)

This looks like a glamour shot.
 He's actually with his new friend Gus, son of our old friends Ben and Alex (aka Basement Benji and Aglecx).  After a numbingly high calorie meal at the Pancake House, we made our babies work off the calories that we ate, at Liberty Park.

I don't know what is going on in the picture below.  Ollie is in his stroller, but the take-home message here is that he's cute.

The title of this picture: I have two teeth.

During Ollie's early crawling adventures, his reverse was more developed than his forward.  Either that or we just stuck him under there and took a short nap.

We included this picture to show how pensive our boy is.  It's not all just smiles, chubbiness, and crawling around everywhere.  He has depth.  For example - he HATES his carseat, and, as shown below, likes teething crackers.  And he's started to hug, and if that doesn't melt your heart, you're an unfeeling stone-hearted monster and get away from my kid, you beast.

As you blog regulars may have noted, this post is penned by a guest writer. You can tell because I use more contractions than Steph does.  That and I have no idea how to do the spacing, picture placement, etc.  Steph set up the pictures, don't get me wrong, that is assuredly beyond me.  But she asked me to write it, and I think I'm going to publish it without her approval.  She's coming, gotta hurry...


Heather said...

As I read this, I thought to myself, "I thought Larry was the one who could get the best smiles from Ollie!"

Good work Larry.

Melinda said...

I wondered if it was Larry writing! Great pics of Ollie! We need to see you all soon!!

The Jensen Family said...

As I was reading this I thought wow...steph and larry have been married far too long because this post sounds verbatim to something Larry would say! So glad to hear Steph is still normal, but Larry on the other hand....jury is still out

BTW: Oliver totally gets his thighs from me

Krystal Trapnell said...

Cute boy. Loved the guest writer (nothing against Steph of course)!

that's what she said...

that's hilarious! I thought your writing style had changed. he sure is handsome!

mandi said...

bwa haha!!!

love the glamour shot!

my mom did glamour shots when i was in jr. high. i was soooooo mortified.
(i kinda still am)

Mom said...

LOVE Ollie with an O! When does he get big enough to be included on the masthead? (Roz was 12 before we notoced that she wasn't in our family pic on Grandma's wall.)

Marissa Joy said...

Ha, ha! I knew it was you Larry! I like turtles!
p.s. Oliie si so so so cute! I can't believe how big he is!
That was a ton of exclamation points but I meant every one of them! So there.

Erin said...

So knew it was you, Larry! Beautiful, sweet baby boy! :)