Monday, November 08, 2010


I've always loved carving pumpkins. I'm sure I have my dad's supreme pumpkin carving skills to thank; when we were little, we cleaned out our pumpkins and drew out faces that he helped us carve, and we always won the pumpkin carving competitions at school.  This year, he didn't want to pull out the wood carving tools and spend hours, but he couldn't resist Creed's request to carve pumpkins on Halloween (Creed has been VERY concerned about the pumpkins he spotted around our neighborhood that were carved early. He asked over and over again why people would carve their pumpkins early when they might get rotten before Halloween so he would not even consider carving pumpkins early).  They were a good match because Creed wouldn't have sat for hours of pumpkin carving and he was perfectly pleased with this scary face (Which was scary, but not too scary, just like he asked his Papa to do)
Creed also made sure that I carved the enormous pumpkin that he picked out at the store, but he told me that I could do whatever I wanted with it so I went with something cute and simple.

Creed decided that it was good enough to be displayed with his pumpkin on the porch.

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