Monday, November 08, 2010

Halloween in Salt Lake with a Toddler

I feel like this Halloween we had so many events and parties to go to that we were busier than we are around Christmas.  I love that there are so many fun things planned for little kids to celebrate Halloween in this area.  This might not interest everyone, but I thought I'd highlight a few of the things that we did this year in case anyone is interested in them for next year (too bad I didn't blog about it soon enough for this year, eh?)

Let's start with Wheeler Farm, shall we?  Wheeler Farm is always fun to visit and it's free, but you can pay $7 to join in on their Halloween activities (a Spooky Hayride-and by spooky, they mean not the least bit spooky at all, a small maze, and pick a pumpkin).  Of course the most appealing things for Creed were just the normal farm activities, like feeding the ducks (and since they terrify me, I think that qualified as a spooky Halloween activity)
 Good thing Rachel and Ruby came along so Rachel could keep all the ducks away from me.

 Creed kept his distance from the goats, and then they brought one to him and asked him if he wanted to pet it.  He asked, "Will it eat my shirt?"  What? Then I remembered that in many of our picture books, goats are eating old tin cans and all sort of non-food items.  Creed was sincerely worried that if he went near a goat, it would eat his clothes.  He finally got brave enough for me to snap this quick picture. Doesn't he looked thrilled about it?
 Ollie and Ruby with squealed over the animals.
 The "maze" was perfect for Creed.  He loved choosing the directions we went, and I loved that I could easily spot him if he got ahead of me.
 He was really proud of himself when he made it to the end of the maze and got to pick a pumpkin.
All in all, it made for a fun afternoon, but I'd choose some of the other events around town and save the farm for another day since it's free and fun year-round.  Did any of you go?  What did you think?


mandi said...

I love how Creed's sweatshirt coordinates with the goat rope!

BTW- your pigeon costume is AWESOME!!! We love those books around here and I know that costume would be a huge hit. So cool!

Andilynn said...

Such cute photos. I think that mini-maze is such a cool idea.

Kate @ Love and Kate said...

I love all of the Halloween activities you found around Salt Lake! Can you come to Atlanta and do a review here next year, please? Ha! Also, I was super pleased to see that you had Ollie in an outfit that I have for my Tom. I think your kids wear the cutest clothes and I was super proud I'd picked out something the same as you. Woo!