Sunday, October 31, 2010

Creed and Ollie Are Goonies for a Day

Our cruise stopped in Astoria, Oregon for a day.  It's a cute town best known for being the site of the Goonies house.  You can take a tour, but we didn't attempt it with the boys.  It poured all morning so we stayed on the ship, but we walked around a bit in the afternoon.
Creed loved walking along the tracks

Larry loves reading historical signs.  This is a common site throughout all of our vacations.  He can never skip a historical sign.
Oh, he can also never skip places with names like Pig'N Pancake.
I loved spending all afternoon puttering around with these cute boys.

And Ollie thought it was pretty great too.
We managed to find a little beach on the edge of the river and Creed loved playing there.  It's one of the things he talking about the most since our vacation, which is funny to me after all of the adventures we had, but I guess it's a good reminder that all he really wants is to play with us.

Ollie makes a pretty cute sailor, doesn't he?

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JLPierce Ohana said...

We LOVED Astoria! And Pig-N-Pancake was a MUST- so glad you got to stop there. We stayed at a hotel right across the elementary school (also shot Kindergarten Cop there). Plus Haystack rock which is also in Goonies and Tillamook Cheese a little more south. Such cute kids too- I love Creed's penguin jacket and Ollie is the cutest sailor I've ever seen! I'm enjoying following your trip travels.