Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Green Day

After celebrating Yellow and Red Days, the boys asked which color we were going to do next.  After some debate, they agreed on Green so over a month ago (Boy, I am behind) we celebrated Green Day at our house.  This time another friend, Jesse, joined the party. Of course everyone wore green, and Creed and Jesse even painted their hair green (and yes, Creed's hair was green after several baths, which pleased him)
 We started out reading Green Eggs and Ham and as you can tell, they thought it was hilarious.
 Then I sent them on a green treasure hunt.  Since none of them can read, I drew simple clues with arrows pointing to where they would find the next clue and every few clues they would find green treasure with the clue.  It worked out well, even though I scribbled the clues as the boys were arriving.
It was so cute to watch them figure things out on their own.

 They ended up with all sort of things Creed had selected the day before at the party store and the dollar store, like these green suckers and awesome star glasses.
 and green bubbles that smell like watermelon.
 By the time they finished the treasure hunt, Larry showed up with balloons for everyone.
 Next we played with Jesse's two pet turtles (and then washed our hands very well)
 and then the boys each painted a green alligator.
 Of course lunch was all green, including lettuce wraps for the moms.
 And after lunch the boys played with green jello jigglers
 and we had a green cake for dessert (I picked this up the night before at Smith's, and I think it's funny that they made it with the eyes upside down)
 It turned Creed into a green monster.
 So then we needed to wear our monster masks from the treasure hunt and dance to the Monster Mash
 Which lead to playing outside with the rest of their treasures.

 Even the little brothers seemed to enjoy Green Day

 It was quite the party.  I think the boys really had a lot of fun.
 The night ended for our family with salad for dinner and then a glow stick party in Creed's bed.
Now that Creed and Tyler have opposite Preschoool schedules, we're missing our neighbors!

Oh, PS_I stole several of these pictures from Carlye's blog


Anne Left. Lisa Right said...

is that NYC jesse? I hope it is. I don't know why it makes me so happy to know he's back (if he is). I remember Creed being so sad that he was leaving.

You guys are fun. Next time tell us about it and we'll come, dressed in color of course!

Amy said...

Too fun! We're having orange day tomorrow with our little home preschool group. I'll have to steal some of these ideas next time!

Netanya said...
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Netanya said...

Hi Stephanie! Your "Green Day" idea is such a simple, yet fun day to spend with your kids! They all looked so cute in their green outfits. I loved also how you tied in Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham. That book will always my kids' favorite. Got to love days spent reading childhood favorites with your kids!
Thanks for sharing!


Taunya said...

Looks like such a fun day Stephanie! Thanks for sharing. You always have such great ideas.