Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cactus and Tropicals

Did you know that when I asked you if you wanted me to continue my spotlights of my favorite places around Salt Lake, not one person commented in the affirmative? Well, forgive me while I ignore you for a few more posts because I already have pictures that I want to share with you.  I think even if you don't live in Salt Lake, you'll still like getting a glimpse of these places.

Today's spotlight is Cactus and Tropicals.  I never would have discovered this place on my own, but my friend Faith brought me there two years ago when she gave me a tour of a few of her favorite places around the city. It is a must see.
 When you step through those doors shown above, this is what welcomes you.
 and inside that little house is all manner of cute, seasonal gifts.
 And did I mention the pumpkins and gourds that they have right now? They make me swoon.
 You'll spot them artfully displayed all over the place.

 Oh, and their big variety of bulbs are also not to be missed.
 Don't you want to start stuffing one of their cute shopping wagons full of interesting bulbs right now?
 Not to mention the cacti, the tropicals, and all the other lovely plants around the store.  Wouldn't these Hydrangea cheer up just about anyone you know who is sick?
And as long as your in the neighborhood, you better stop by The House of Bread across the street to get yourself a treat.  You'll be glad that you did, I promise.

PS-sorry for the phone pictures, sooner or later I'll remember to stuff my real camera in my bag.


Greta said...

I love ALL of your posts. It's just fun to see what you guys are up to. We miss having the Fords closeby!

susan said...

I appreciate you sharing this post! My friend had her wedding reception there one evening and it was such a beautiful place for it!

I want to go back but I know I would spend a fortune on plants.

candice said...

Well I don't live in Salt Lake but I still like looking at the places you visit.

Kate (Love and Kate) said...

Ha! Thanks for ignoring us. :) I love this post because of...pumpkins. Oh, pumpkins, I've missed you.