Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oliver at 7 Months

I'm late posting these photos of Ollie at seven months, he actually turns eight months old this week.  Ahhh! The time is flying by. Ollie turned seven months old while we were traveling.  He did so well on such a long trip (except for a few nights before his first tooth made its debut, which was not the greatest timing).  His first tooth was just starting to poke through in these pictures, but I didn't manage to catch a picture of it.
 I felt lucky to catch any pictures at all because he was not in a smiley mood on this gray day (which ended up being sort of adorable anyway).
He may be tiny, but he's already constantly on the go. He was so close to crawling before we left.  The trip slowed him a bit since he was rarely on the ground to practice, but as soon as we got home, he was back to work.  Most of my photos ended up being like thisand like this
At seven months Ollie rarely babbled because he loved to growl.  It shocks people when we are out and about to hear such a ferocious sound coming from such an innocent looking little guy and it never fails to make me giggle.
He can pick up the tiniest speck and shove it in his mouth at lightening speed so now that he's exploring, we are busy baby proofing.
 He finally caught on to eating baby food a few weeks ago, but much prefers feeding himself puffs and anything else he can get his hands on.
Creed is his favorite person in the world.  We hear the heartiest laughs when they are playing together.  Creed likes Ollie so much that he tells me he needs a baby sister too now (wishful thinking, buddy).
It's kind of hard to believe Ollie is already big enough to sit up in a regular stroller now.
And I have to document for posterity that Larry puts together the greatest outfits for Ollie.  I tend to grab whatever one-piece outfit is clean because it's fast, but mornings that Larry gets Ollie dressed, I wake up to scenes like this (aren't those skinny jeans stinkin' cute?)


Nina Lewis said...

The picture of Ollie (fourth from the bottom) is my absolute favorite picture of this darling, darling boy! That picture is priceless!

Larry said...

Stinking cute baby, if you ask me.