Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vancouver Day 2

We had to check out the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge while we were in Vancouver so we didn't let the rain deter us on our second day (we're from Columbus after all, a little rain doesn't scare us)
You can't even begin to get a sense of how high this bridge is from our photos.  It goes over a river, and a few people stopped on the bridge paralyzed with fear.
 You'd think from its name, there would just be a bridge, but it takes you to a park full of all sorts of paths and other bridges in the trees and even a tree house.  We all thought it was pretty cool.
 and I sort of expected Ewoks to pop up at any moment.

 After the bridge we spent the afternoon shopping down Robson Street (Oh H&M, when will you open a kids' shop in Utah?). Then we picked up some Dim-Sum from a truck parked outside of our hotel (why doesn't Salt Lake have more gourmet food trucks? I can never resist sampling them when we're visiting other cities)
 Another thing Larry and I always do when we're traveling abroad (Besides walking all over the place) is check out local grocery stores and pick up local candy.  I know we were just in Canada, but you'd be surprised how different it is, plus we passes a few Japanese Markets so we picked up some of my favorite Japanese treats.  Creed took great joy in this tradition.  He loved checking everything out at the market and helping us choose what to sample.  I loved watching him so excited to try new things, I hope that's something we can continue to instill in him (ok, who wouldn't be excited to try new candy, but still . . .)
 Speaking of Creed, he really loved hotel life.  It seemed like no matter what adventure we were having, he was begging to go back to the hotel.  It was really fun having a view like this.
And if you looked the other way, you saw the river.  Two mornings we woke up to see cruise ships parked out there.
 And from the pool you could watch sea plane take off and land and cruise ships go by.
 Did you notice the hat?  I'm sure if they had a peacock, Creed would have picked it, but penguins are his second favorite animals so he was happy with that (I took this picture just for my little sister, Marissa, who just moved to Sasktoon, in the dead center of Canada.  We miss you Riss)
 Ollie seemed to love the city too.  There was always something captivating to watch.
I have to say my favorite part of this trip was watching Creed and Larry together every night.  They would lay in bed together and replay the day, and Creed would tell Larry all about his favorite things as if Larry hadn't been there to witness it in person.  It was so cute I couldn't resist eavesdropping and hearing Creed's perspective on things.


Larry said...

My highlight too.

Mom said...

.."We're from Ohio...what's a little rain..." MISS YOU! When are you coming home?

Anonymous said...

I too was almost paralyzed crossing that bridge... It sure is HIGH up-and the river was running pretty rapidly when were there...

It sounds like you are having a blast though!