Monday, October 11, 2010

Off to School

Creed went to a six-week preschool program this summer to get the hang of things, but we moved him to a new preschool in our neighborhood, and he was a little bit nervous.  He loved his old teacher and he wasn't looking forward to the switch.  We had an orientation day to walk through the classroom together and meet the teachers.
 One of my best friends moved to the neighborhood and her daughter, Malan, is in Creed's class.
 Creed has two new teachers, Miss Lynn
 And Miss Becky
 And yep, Creed got right to work dressing up like a princess with Malan (most of Creed's friends are girls, so he often has the opportunity to play princess)
 and drawing
 and playing with dinosaurs
 And trying out the playground
 The first day of school he was still a little nervous, but he was excited to go play with Malan

 He had to bring a binder and he made sure his was yellow
 I tried to get a picture of him outside of school, and his poses cracked me up.
 Hey Ladies!

 What's up?
 He's cool
 He walked right into class
 gave us each a quick hug goodbye
 And started playing with Malan
He's at school for a few hours three days a week, and I love having a little one-on-one time with Ollie and a chance to run errands, but we really miss Creed!


Kate @ Love And Kate said...

So cute!! And your photos are A-MAZ-ING! Seriously jealous in a completely happy way. :)

taniawillis said...

you're something wonderful steph! you can tell that he is totally loved and adored by his family. reading your blog always puts a smile on my face. enjoy running errands with your sweet babe.

I am Laura said...

Creed is simply the cutest most happy kid ever. He makes me smile. I love him dressing up in a pink princess outfit. You are raising one cool cool kid. And his friend malan is so cute and I love her name.