Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Yellow Day

For quite some time, Creed has been asking if he can have all yellow clothes for Christmas. Then last week I happened to come across a lot of yellow clothes for little boys on clearance at the Gap, and I figured why not make his dreams come true a little early?

I wanted to come up with a fun way to deliver the clothes, since a delivery from Santa is not due anytime soon so I decided to go with this idea since Creed helped me set up Lisa's surprise so I knew he would know just what to do when he woke up to a yellow piece of yarn. This may have been cuter if I took my time to plan things, but I was so excited about surprising Creed that I just threw it all together the night before with a quick trip to Michael's and the grocery store. I stocked up on yellow treats and food and decided we would make the whole day yellow day.

That night I wound a piece of yellow yarn all over the house leading to hidden yellow surprises like the clothes, yellow sprinkles, yellow sidewalk chalk paint, a yellow chalk pen, yellow rattle eggs, yellow Waffle Crisp cereal that he's been begging me to buy him since he saw Uncle Eli with it, a pineapple, yellow jello, etc.

In the morning, Larry and I both put on yellow shirts and woke up Creed announcing it was Yellow Day! Then we handed him the string.

And he was off!
He squealed when he found the first yellow shirt.
Then he raced around the house collecting everything else, trying to carry it all at the same time because he didn't want to put any of it down.

He took a break to draw on our windows when he found the chalk paint pen.
Then he finished his yellow hunt in the kitchen with this Bee hat he'd begged me to buy at Michael's.
He immediately put it on to help me make yellow breakfast (pancakes with bananas and yellow sprinkles along with orange pineapple banana juice) and he wore that bee hat ALL DAY.

After breakfast he was thrilled to dress in yellow from head to toe!
And Ollie obliged us by wearing yellow too.
Then we headed next door to see if Tyler could play. I mentioned to Tyler's mom, Carlye, the day before that I thought we would be having yellow day and look how they were dressed when the answered the door! Creed and Tyler were both shouting, "It's Yellow Day!" and jumping up and down. I think that surprise really might have been the best part of yellow day.
The boys spent the morning chasing each other and painting the sidewalks yellow (with chalk paint of course)

Then we headed out to buy each of them a yellow balloon (and sucker and noisemaker because who can resist picking up extra goodies at the party store?)

It was so much fun watching these two busy bees play with each other.

And we even had time to play with jello jigglers before Creed had to go. Creed scarfed them down, but I think the idea of eating them grossed Tyler out.
After Creed's nap we had time for some yellow coloring
and yellow Popsicles
and dancing around the Laurie Berkner's "I Know a Chicken" with Creed's new yellow rattle eggs. Then we finished the night off with a yellow dinner.
We were so worn out, we didn't even make it to deliver yellow flowers or dance around with yellow glow sticks as planned. I think we'll save that for another day because wouldn't a family dressed all in yellow delivering yellow flowers make you smile?


Ann Flowers said...

Beautiful.... the pictures and words were a joy to see and read... :O)

Valerie said...

You are the coolest mom!

Molly said...

Oh my gosh, I totally agree with Valerie! That is such a sweet idea! He is definitely going to remember this from now on!! This would make a great children's story too;)

Diana said...

Best. Day. Ever.

Anonymous said...

you guys are the coolest parents ever. creed will have such great memories of his childhood :)

mrs. origami said...

very fun!!! :)

coolkids said...

Yellow Day! He looks so happy and cute! He will never forget his yellow day.:)

Sara said...

How clever! Your boys are so lucky to have such a creative mother who is so inventive. I don't know how you do it with a baby! I'm definitely bookmarking this so I can try it when my daughter gets old enough to have a favorite color!

Carlye said...

Yess! Those pictures are great! Yellow day was the best! I'm so glad we could be a part of it. Tyler keeps asking when "Red Day" is....

Missy said...

You are the cutest mom ever. Thanks for posting your fun ideas. It inspires me to try to find ways to make every day fun for my daughter.

taniawillis said...

you know those posts you often do that start out....."i wanna be the kind of mom that..."

i've got news for you sweetie...you ARE that kind of mom!

this idea was so sweet, i actually had tears welling up in my eyes by the end of it.

it's crazy cute how much you and larry adore your children.

i wish i was as creative in the parenting department as you are.

Sarah R said...

How awesome are you!!!!

Shar said...

this is so much fun! I keep waiting for the day when kapria loves a color so that I can do color days and color parties. thanks for sharing your awesome ideas. you're amazing!

Larry said...

You are seriously such a good Mom!

Larry said...

(Even though it looks like Ollie tolerated yellow day at best)

TX Girl said...

I would say you are the coolest mom, but it would be such a huge understatement. You are my mom idol. Seriously.

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

Ok...seeing Creed in all this yellow and esp that bee hat made me realize that you guys really should move to Heber. At least in time for Creed to go to high school here, so that he can be a Wasatch Wasp. p.s. Did I ever tell you that yellow was my favorite color all growing up, too?

Fredda said...

Wow, what a great idea! So cute!
Greetings, Fredda

Aimee said...

I LOVE this idea of spotlighting something your child adores and making a whole day/experience about it! I featured you here. So cute!