Monday, June 14, 2010

A Lovely Gift

A few days ago we received a box in the mail from my friend Carrie, who happens to be a contributor to OhDeeDoh, one of my favorite blogs ever. I feel lucky to pass emails back and forth once in a while with Carrie, let alone receive a surprise package from her.

Creed and I both squealed when we opened the box and revealed what was inside!
Can you believe all of that lovely handmade goodness?

Soft blocks for Ollie with little bells in them that tinkle when you toss them around.
And the most beautiful felt food for chef Creed!
She must know Creed well. She provided the makings for a Ham sandwich or Peanutbutter and jelly.
Plus, can you believe this falafel?
Wow! Now I need to come up with something wonderful to send as a thank you. Any ideas?

PS- The cutest part is how much Larry loves them. He has been showing them off to all of our guests and talking about how cool Carrie is to make something so wonderful for people she's never met in person.

PPS- I have to run because looking at these pictures is making me hungry!


Larry said...

They're just so cool, how can you not be impressed?

elgringo said...

I LOVE these. They are incredible. Great attention to detail. Oh great, now I'm hungry too.

Anna said...

I love.

Why don't you send her some of your Sycamore Street prints?