Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Red Day

Did I mention at that at the end of Yellow day, we came to the conclusion that naturally, we needed to have Red Day soon since that is Tyler's favorite color? I was a little apprehensive about this because every time I mentioned it, Creed said he did not want to have Red Day. He does not like red. He wants every day to be Yellow Day. Oh dear! Which is exactly why it's a good thing that Tyler and Carlye did indeed plan a Red Day, and Creed enjoyed himself immensely.

Of course we all wore red. And Tyler brought Creed a red visor, then they got to work squirting everything they could find that was red
like red cars
and little brothers (You can't tell, but he is soaked and happy about it)
Later in the day, Tyler brought over other red surprises: Red star balloons
red whistles, and red monster finger-puppets
They went to Red Robin for lunch, but we stayed home and enjoyed dinosaur sandwiches with red jam and strawberries
The boys spent a good part of the afternoon working on an enormous red painting.
Ollie watched (this was the only item of red-ish clothing that we had for him)
Then after a swim the boys had red Popsicles
and frosted red cupcakes that Carlye made.
Thanks to Carlye for planning such a fun day and letting me steal a few of her pictures since I didn't take many.

There was great debate as to what our next color day should be, but I think we all finally agreed on green. Any ideas for green day?


.Amber. said...

This is such an AWESOME idea! I'm definately going to have to store it in my "once I have kids..." or "if I'm ever stupid enough to work in a daycare again..." files!

For green day you could...

Have a table full of green vegetables & fruit.

Make sandwiches with avocado ranch spread.

Listen to the band GreenDay (haha.. ok maybe not)

Go Green. Teach the kids about being environmentally friendly.

Have the kids paint with green pudding, that way they can eat it too.

Maybe buy a small tree and plant it?

Have something to do with frogs and/or turtles.

Maybe have a treasure hunt.

Make fairy houses with natural materials, there's lots of green things the boys can use.

Make green jello.

OK I think thats all I got for now. Good luck! Can't wait to see what you guys do.

.Amber. said...

Oh and read green eggs and ham! Maybe even make some ;)

Grazi said...

green eggs and ham!