Friday, August 27, 2010

Back tracking

I have 141 photos bookmarked to share with you.  I guess I better start blogging so I can get caught up, eh?

We've had all sort of exciting things going on around here.

For instance, a few weeks ago, the Binky Fairy visited us.  A friend told Creed about the Binky Fairy months ago to encourage him to get rid of his binkies.  You leave your binkies out for the Binky Fairy who comes in the night and leaves a present in place of the binkies.

Creed was terrified of the Binky Fairy from then on.

We explained over and over and the Binky Fairy does not steal your while you are sleeping; YOU decide to give your binkies away and put them out when you are ready.

This lead to all sorts of questions I could not answer:

Is the Binky Fairy a boy or a girl?

Is the Binky Fairy big like us or little?

Does the Binky Fairy wear clothes made out of leaves like Tinkerbell?

Where does the Binky Fairy live?

All I could say was, "I don't know.  I have never met the Binky Fairy."

One warm summer night, Creed had put off bedtime as long as he possibly could: Another story, check; a drink of water, yep; rearranging the blankets, uh-huh; potty run, alright . . .

Then he ran out of excuses . . . until he remembered the Binky Fairy.  And even though it was very late at night, how could a say no to Creed volunteering to give up his beloved binkies?

So we wrote the Binky Fairy a note.

and left it on the porch with the binkies

and the Binky Fairy wrote him back

And that Binky Fairy just knew exactly what Creed had been longing for

And now Larry takes every opportunity to pose Jessie around the house in the creepiest ways possible.  Who is scarier, the Binky Fairy or Jessie?


Shar said...

i love it! the binky fairy (we called her the paci fairy) brought boo of monster's inc fame to our house. kapria still talks about the paci fairy coming. how has he done without his binkies? i hope the nights have been good :)

Reba said...

jesse is more creepy. we have that doll and i'm totally setting it on Chris's pillow. b/c her wide set eyes are absolutely possessed. thanks for the fun idea :)

Kate said...

Ha! I love this story. So cute! And I laughed at your last sentence. I'm going to go with Jessie.

WendyandGabe said...

We are contemplating getting rid of binkies around here too. Thanks for a fun idea!

that's what she said...

haha...that is hilarious about your husband posing jessie around the house. i'm glad i'm not the only one that finds a doll randomly sitting somewhere a tad bit creepy. Kind of why I avoid the doll aisles at Target-you know, the ones with the dolls that suddenly start talking when you walk past? I don't know how many times I've jumped from those things!

Glad it worked for him!

Asay Family said...

I love this idea. Very creative. Just today afriend was telling me that herand her son who is about Creed's age hadhim put his binkies in ap lastic bag and take them to the stor to buy a toy and the way that he was going to pay for it was with his binkies.
SO they went ahead with it and for the next 2 days he asked for the binkies and was reminded that he bought his toy with them so the binkies we gone and sure enough that was it no more biknkies for them either. you mama's that have to deal with that are very creatie. Props to you!
By the way I think you are fabulous and a total delight to be around. Your smile and warm hello always brings a smile to my face. Thanks Stef for being a good friend.

Pink Peach said...

or larry?