Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Birthday Gift Idea

I came across the idea of stamping a message on the outside edges of a book in a Martha Stewart Living long ago, and I filed it away in my brain for later use.  I finally tried it out a few weeks ago and it worked beautifully!

My friend Mary Ann and I are always talking about books so what better gift to give her than a few of my favorites, stamped with her name so after she reads them, she can lend them to others.
Then I delivered them with some fresh flowers.  Can you believe I found these at Costco?  Every once in a while I find unusual flowers that I don't expect there.  Like these HydrangeaAnd these peonies that I bought earlier in the summer.  I told Larry when we grow up and he has a real job, I'm going to treat myself to a bundle of flowers at Costco each and every time I go.  I think I've amended this idea, and I would like to pick up a bundle of blooms to deliver to a friend each and every time I go.  Wouldn't that be such a happy tradition?


Pixie said...

Oh, I *loved* The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It was such a wonderful book. Funny and moving.

Sarah said...

I loved guernsey too...prompting me to ask the title of the other book, if you wouldn't mind!

Stephanie Ford said...

The other books was the Hunger Games. We'd just been talking about how she wanted to read it, but hadn't had the chance so I picked it up as part of the gift.

Bryndee Slade said...

Hi, I follow your blog since it was featured on Studio 5. you have darling ideas. Where do you find the cute red and white bakers twine? I know Pebbles in my Pocket has some but a little pricey. I'm just trying to find some a little less. If you could post about it or email me, I would appreciate it. Thanks!