Saturday, August 07, 2010

Oliver Gets a Name and a Blessing

Did I mention that we blessed Oliver in June? I didn't? Um, that's embarrassing! I was looking through this blog and we seem to be missing a few big events around here. I guess I'm a little behind.

We decided to take advantage of having a lot of family on town for Eli's wedding so we blessed Oliver on June 27th (a Mormon baby blessing is sort of like a Christening). We managed to snap one photo with Creed in it before he scampered off with friends.

Usually baby blessings take place in church, but we held the blessing at my parents' house since that was more central for our families, and it was nice having a more intimate setting with just our family and close friends.

If we look hot, it's because the biggest room in my parents' house was under the final stage of construction and the air conditioner wasn't working in that room yet, but it was beautiful.
We were so busy visiting with everyone that we didn't take any photos of Oliver until it was too dark outside. We had a few blurry attempts, then I told myself I would stage them later, and I never did so pretend these are in focus.

The last one almost looks like a painting. Let's pretend I'm artistic, and I did that on purpose. Isn't he so innocent and cute?


Melinda said...

You do not give yourself enough credit! You threw together a beautiful celebration for your sweet baby on a moment's notice and it was beautiful and perfect! You are superwoman!!!

Mom said...

He is really adorable - but is his middle name still "Danger?"

Pink Peach said...

what a precious little person. and oh my, your parents' house!