Friday, August 13, 2010

That's Creed with a C

We're having a rough week around here. Creed has been terribly sick, but we decided to take a trip in September (it's been way too long since we've had a real vacation) so I've been busy daydreaming about what's to come and pretending I'm abroad instead of mopping up nastiness. I'm ready for a real trip. The kind of trip that has us trying on our swimsuits and applying for passports for the kids (ok, the passports are only for Canada, we're not feeling that daring about traveling with a toddler and an infant, but still . . .)

Creed perked up a little this afternoon when his fever dipped a bit so we had to take advantage to try to sneak in some passport photos. This is a glimpse of how it went.
Not about to cooperate (and who can blame him feeling the way he has the past few days)
Not looking forward
not happy about looking forward
really not happy about it
making his best face
showing off his new trick again (wouldn't it be awesome if they would use this photo? It would be a passport to treasure forever and it would be sure to make everyone checking it smile as they deal with grumpy, tired masses)
And this one would be even better at making them smile, but I still don't think they would approve it.
closer. He's facing forward and trying to smile anyway.
And finally! A little sweaty, but that's the best it's going to get this week.


ellen said...

He's going to be a cute international traveler!

Anonymous said...

cute pic, but they'll technically kick it back because of the smile. you're not supposed to smile in passport photos, just have a "natural expression," and not show teeth. i got mine kicked back. :(

Stephanie Ford said...

Really? I just read through Creed's application and it doesn't say anything about a "natural expression" it just says a "full front view of your face" and Larry and I have both been smiling in all of our passports. That's so weird that they would reject yours for smiling.

Thanks for the heads up though.

The Jensen Family said...

I am laughing really hard in my passport picture and Jack is scowling! I think Creed will win the hearts of the passport agency and they will accept that!

Carlye said...

I LOVE the cross eyed picture! I can't wait to see his new trick in person. I hope he gets feeling better soon. We miss you guys!

Megan said...

I think you should submit the cross-eyed one. Just to see what happens. maybe include a little note about how you're headed to Canada for an eye dr. appt. So so precious.

josh healy said...

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Sephalo said...

I think the crossed-eyed picture would make an awesome passport photo! hehe

I also think you're family is awesome.

Have a great vacation!

Lisa R. Lewis said...

oh how I love this boy.