Monday, August 02, 2010

A Birthday Surprise

You'd think I'd be really great at remembering birthdays because I love to celebrate birthdays, and I love to give gifts, but I am the WORST at remembering them. It seems that I am never thinking ahead enough to put together anything special for my friends, but since my friend Kersten was out of town for her 30th birthday (which seemed to require a special celebration), I had a little time to come up with something.

Since Kersten was traveling on her birthday and didn't get a grand birthday celebration, I decided to put one together for her. I was rushed because when I texted her husband to find out their plans for the day, he said Kersten was leaving in 15 minutes so I didn't get all the photos that I wanted, but you get the idea. I got a 12" x 12" x 12" box and filled it with directions and supplies for her celebration.

Step 1 - Commence to Liberty Park and get thee on a ferris wheel ride.
Step 2 - Espy the perfect spot for a picnic and get settled
Step 3 - Eat chocolate cake until your belly is bursting. Don't forget to make a wish. (this note got smeared as was packing things up and I didn't have time to reprint it. I also had some bamboo forks that I meant to include and forgot, but the big candle was so cute that I think it was ok)
I didn't make this chocolate cake. We bought it the night before at a fundraiser for the youth in our ward (church congregation) (actually we bought three chocolate cakes because it was a good cause and there seemed to be more people than cakes)
Step 4- Let the toasts begin! Let Tai salute your beauty and intelligence and pledge his undying love to you until he goes hoarse (or until you run out of milk)

I also meant to include some red and white papers straws, but I forgot those too. Oh well!
I've had this incredible birthday invitation in my head since I saw it. It's a tiny balloon in a small box with an invite tied to it that will float out of the box when you open it (that's how it would work in theory anyway, the person who made them said they ran out of helium too fast so I've been trying to think of another way to make it work). I picked up a regular size balloon with hi-float in it so the helium would last and I tied a note that said "Kersten's 30th birthday hullabaloo" to it with some mini bunting. I taped the string to the bottom of the box, put the supplies inside then shoved the balloon down on top and taped the box shut with some cute red polka dot packing tape and a little note that said, "Open me."
So when Kersten opened the box, the balloon would pop out
and she would see this note.

Then I put the cake on top of the box and tied a really big balloon to it and left it on Kersten's porch. I was so tempted to stay and watch her reaction when she opened it, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise
It was so fun to put together that I can't stop thinking of other ways to adapt this idea . . .


Kersten said...

This was so awesome! Thanks again!

MeganRuth said...

So cute!

Casey said...

This is sooo cute! I'm going to have to steal this idea. I have a friend who's got a birthday coming up soon. Great job!

Sephalo said...

You... Are... AWESOME!

taniawillis said...

you have a talent, you know.

a talent for making people smile.

and i just want you to know that i LOVE the way you think.

you're adorable!

Anonymous said...

Kersten shared her delicious cake with the entire family at our dinner on Sunday. It was yummy, even if you weren't the actual baker, you made a great selection and certainly went the extra mile with the touches you added.