Friday, July 30, 2010

Ollie at Five Months

Oh this boy brings us all such joy! He's getting bigger by the day and Larry is always showing off the new fat-rolls on Ollie's thighs with great pride.

His whole body melts when he smiles and his tongue usually sticks out.
Pardon all the blurry pictures, our house was pretty dark when I attempted these photos, but I had to post them because he is so cute and I don't want to forget what he was like at this stage.
In typical second child fashion, we drag him all over the place instead of planning our lives around his schedule, but he doesn't seem to mind (most of the time)

He's always watching Creed and it's nearly impossible to nurse him when Creed is in the room because he just wants to watch Creed.
He is so different from Creed, and yet, some of the same quirks have emerged. Of all the toys we have, this little monkey blanket is his favorite. Creed actually had the same one and chose it above all the other toys until we lost it when he was a wee babe. Funny that Scott and Janelle would give us one for Ollie without knowing the back story. He is constantly pulling it over his face and then panicking, but as soon and we pull it off, he pulls it right back on, which is exactly what creed did.
And just like Creed at this age, he hates sitting. If you try to sit him on your lap he will cry and arch his back and keep his body stiff so you can't make him sit down (maybe it's a reflux thing?) My back and arms are always sore at the end of the day from holding him so he's standing so pictures like this one of him sitting peacefully are rare
He's still nowhere near sleeping through the night so we're all feeling exhausted these days
I'm already having a hard time accepting how soon he will be running around chasing Creed. He's just so sweet and perfect right now. I'm spending lots of time rubbing his fuzzy head and playing this little piggy with his chubby toes, trying to enjoy as much of this stage as possible.

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Nikki said...

He is getting so big!! We really, really, really need to see you all!! Missing you . . .