Friday, July 09, 2010

June Favorites

Music Video Of The Month: OK GO - This Too Shall Pass - Larry has been humming this all month and he actually asked me to post this with this month's favorites. There are two music videos for this songs, but this one is our favorite because it makes us laugh.

Song Of The Month: Lucy Schwartz -When We Were Young

Grown-Up Book Of The Month: The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Yes, I stayed up until three a.m. two nights in a row reading it because I loved savoring it in the quiet.

Picture Book of the Month: Creature ABC by Andrew Zuckerman. You'll fall in love with Andrew Zuckerman's photographs

Kids' Movie of the Month: My Neighbor Totoro - I loved this movie when I was younger and I watched it over and over in Japanese, even though at the time, my Japaense was not great and I did not understand a lot of it. Years later, my host family gave me my very own copy when I was heading home from a summer as an exchange student in Japan. I couldn't resist picking up an English copy when I saw it at Target a few weeks ago (thank you for finally releasing it Disney!) and it swiftly became one of Creed's favorites. He pretends to be Mei and asks Larry to pretend to be Totoro.

Recipe of the month: Ham & Cheese Sliders - Have have made this recipe twice, once for a picnic with friends and once for Ollie's blessing and both times it was a hit. DELICIOUS! Lots of people have been asking me for the recipe and I figure the easiest way to share is to post a link here.

Website of the month: The Crafty Crow - the best resource for craft projects to do with kids. Because we all need ideas to keep the kiddos entertained on afternoons too hot to spend at the park.


Reba said...

thanks for the favorites. I've always been impressed with how you embrace life. I miss you. I might be in Utah a week from tomorrow. Want to get together? email me, please


Brittany said...

I just helped a sister in the ward who made the sliders for her daughter's reception and they were the hit of the party--gone in no time! and LOVED the help...always fun when interests collide! Hope you guys are doing well. Have you listened to the CD Baby Casper Pants yet? It's a fun one.

Becky said...

I just finished reading The Help nonstop for about five days (staying up late, waking up early, and ignoring my family in the process). It is a powerful book, really well written, and really got me thinking. I love historical fiction.