Friday, July 02, 2010

Oliver at 4 Months

Ollie has grown tremendously this month. I can't believe how much older he seems than his three month pictures. This week he grew so much it was like looking at a completely different baby. All of the sudden he's grabbing things and chewing on them and almost rolling over and blond fuzz is coming in under what he has left of his brown hair.He's so long and skinny and still living up to his nickname as Tiny Ford because he's only in the 25th%

He's full of smiles these days
And he's busy trying to watch whatever Creed is up to.
He also discovered his feet
and is finally big enough to get in the Exersaucer, which he loves for a few minutes at a time because he always wants to be standing. (should I admit that Larry found a neighbor throwing this Exersaucer out on neighborhood cleanup day so we took it home and sterilized it which made me happy because we can give it away in a couple months without any remorse to see this big plastic thing go?)
Check out how chubby his thighs are starting to get! I love it!
But don't be fooled by this tiny guy, he is colicky and usually screams every night from about 10 to 12. He started doing it in the morning for about an hour too, and I thought I was going to lose my mind, but he seems to be improving.
I think he could not be more handsome!


R said...

Oh Steph!
He is cute.
I love 4 months as a milestone, but I've realized that's because it's usually when my kids get over their colic. So maybe 6 months for him? . . . Here's hoping.
He's a cutie!

Anna said...

our baby has colic...its exhausting, good thing babies are cute

Malinovka said...

You're right--he could NOT be any MORE handsome! Hope that crying eases up soon!

The Jensen Family said...

I think he is silly

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

He's so cute! Thanks so much for coming up yesterday. We had such a great time!

Lanette said...

What cute pictures of your precious baby

Nikki said...

I think you are right . . . you definitely have two heart breakers on your hands, Steph!

Shar said...

oh he is such a beautiful baby! i wish i could have seen him awake. i'm sorry for the colic - i hope he gets better soon. hugs!