Thursday, July 08, 2010

Working Toys

We don't have a lot of room around here for toys so we only kept our favorite things and the rest went to storage, which means that to buy new ones, there must be a really good reason that we NEED them (ok, we don't NEED new toys at all, I'm just trying to justify buying a few fun, new things). Thus, the toys that I've purchased lately have not only been fun to play with, but have served dual purposes. Like this rocket night light. I bought it just before we moved so Creed wouldn't be spooked sleeping in his new room. This was just after our fire scare so I'm particularly fond of this night light, which doesn't get hot. It's like magic. It sits on a rubber base that's plugged in and somehow charges it and it has an LED bulb which should never need to be replaced. (I've seen a lot of other night lights like this lately and Pottery Barn Kids has new ones that are a little bit smaller and change color, but I can't find a link)
And these pop-beads by B. Pop Arty to help Creed with his small motor skills (did you have pop-beads when you were little? I loved them so much I couldn't resist buying a set for Creed to create his own snakes, aliens, dress-up jewelry and whatever else he thinks up)
And this fish, which I used to bribe Creed to take baths. When it touches water it glows and changes color.
Cool toys, but the best part is that they get Creed to look forward to once dreaded tasks like baths and going to bed. Definitely worth it in my book.


Carlye said...

I think we just might get that cool night light. The lamp in our boys room bit the dust.
Oh and I thought the pop bead necklace Creed was wearing today was very stunning....

AutumH said...

Can I ask where you got the fish? It's perfect for my youngest munchkin!

April McFarland said...

Saw this and thought of you and Creed:,book-info/store,kids/products_id,8705/title,MoMA-Modern-Play-House/