Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Christmas in July?

ok, I know you are going to think I am crazy, but I love Christmas so much, that sometimes I can't resist starting to shop now. I love stockings filled with interesting things, instead of whatever Santa could pick up at the gas station that was open late on Christmas Eve so starting around now, whenever I spot something small, inexpensive, and fun, I can't resist picking it up and stashing it away. Some of these items make it to Christmas, but some many make an appearance on a rainy day or a road trip or maybe even as a reward when someone does something especially nice.

Do any of you do this? I seriously can't stop myself. Here are a few of the things that I've picked up recently to add to my stash:

Fresh packages of markers and crayons (Markers were $1.00 and Crayons were 25 cents when we stopped at Wal-Mart last week. They would make great party favors too)

A ball that flips inside-out to change color when you toss it and a little bird whistle, both yellow of course. Found at Tutoring Toy.
Costume accessories on clearance (You know how Creed loves to wear dress-up headbands like reindeer antlers and bunny ears) and one of those little paper things that you add water to to grow crystals, which I couldn't resist because they had a peacock. Both from World Market.
Mater Teeth lollipop found at Michael's. I think this will be Creed's favorite thing.
Magic Grow Capsules and Grab-a-bubble both found in the dollar section at Michael's. These are likely to be used one day when Creed is bored or maybe when he has the sniffles and has to stay home.
Balsa wood gliders because I remember Santa putting them in my dad and brother's stockings, and I was a bit jealous. Think of the adventures that you could have with these.
Michael's also had a section of wooden instruments that come in little wooden crates from $3 to $5 and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality.
Then we always have to check-out the books and movies at TJ Maxx/Homegoods because they always have a few good things for a bargain. We love these Scholastic Storybook treasures DVDs. They are perfect for when Creed begs to watch a movie, but I do not want him to spend a lot of time in front of the TV.
And of course glowsticks. Michael's has them in tubes of 15 for $1. Glowsticks can make just about any night magical.
And let's just say you needed something for your fabulous wife who loves book club, you could find cute little notebooks and post-its to mark her favorite quotes at Michael's.
Or for your wife who loves to host parties and picnics, you might NEED these cute treat containers from the party section at Wal-Mart
Or, your wife might pick them up for herself and you might have to come up with your own ideas ;) (Don't worry, Larry is really good at helping Santa fill my stocking. He doesn't need any help)

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WendyandGabe said...

I know what you mean! Kids are so much fun to buy for that I'm nearly done getting Persephone's Christmas gifts and stocking stuffs. The grown-ups on my list are another story . . .