Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I was Born in the USA

I love traveling, but I'm happy to call the US home and I'm so grateful to the sacrifices made to maintain our freedom.

The Forth of July is big time stuff at the Borup home so we spent the whole weekend there during the festivities (Luckily Larry goes along with things instead of rolling his eyes at how crazy we are). Saturday night, we barbecued at my parents and then watched the fireworks from a neighbor's lawn.

My extended family literally camps out overnight to save the same parade spot ever year (our family had the 9 pm to midnight shift). So we had prime parade spots. My grandma also provided umbrella hats to everyone. Creed thought they were incredible.
And Eli and Brenna were back from their honeymoon so they didn't miss out of the fun.

And Marissa and the Stringhams were still in town after the wedding so we were all together again.
Ollie wasn't sure what to think of his first parade.
After the parade, we had a big family BBQ. Then that night, since the Stadium of Fire fireworks were early in the weekend, we decided to have our own family fireworks show. My sisters and I totally pick fireworks based on cuteness. You have to admire some of the incredible paper engineering.
Robots!!!! and Turtles!!!! Who doesn't want to race turtle fireworks?
And how could you resist Happiness in a box?
The grownups enjoyed the sparklers
While the highlight for the kids were these glowstick magic wands (I always try to make sure we have plenty of glowsticks on hand for nights we're watching fireworks, I think because I always wanted the expensive glowsticks sold at events like Stadium of Fire. Do fireworks and glowsticks go together for you?)
And instead of cute little fireworks, the boys always go for bigger explosions and more fire.
And of course we couldn't spend the whole weekend without a little crafting and some romantic British film so we stayed up into the wee hours of the night working on gift bags for Candice's class in France and watching North & South. Doesn't Mark looked thrilled to be included?


Heather said...

Ah, North & South, it's been too long. Glad your whole family could enjoy the holiday together. What news on the new job front?

Malinovka said...

What a great weekend with family! I LOVE "North and South." So jealous you got to watch it with your sisters. I'm still waiting for my chance (hopefully in a few weeks!)

TX Girl said...

Shut up. North and South.. I thought I was the only freak that loves that baby. I knew we were kindred spirits.

Pink Peach said...

i just snorted out loud at the mark comment. he looks like he'd rather be napping.