Monday, July 12, 2010

Salt Lake City Spotlight - The Sweet Tooth Fairy

The Sweet Tooth Fairy Bake Shop has finally opened its doors in Salt Lake! It's been one of my favorite places to stop when I visit my parents in Provo and now we have one in our own neighborhood (and I may have already been there multiple times). They are the best tasting and best priced cupcakes around. Just look at this case full of delicious goodness! (and I really love the Startups Suckers too)
But the item that's not to be missed are the cakebites! Trust me they are amazing! Everyone that I have made taste them is now addicted. And now they have a case full of different flavors and you can mix them and come home with multiple flavors.
It's such a cute place to stop for a treat.
These guys give it two thumbs up.


Mom said...

You always find the fun!

Randy Deaver said...

Wow! Those pastries looked extremely delicious! I can see through your sons' eyes that they really enjoyed eating those yummy cupcakes! Indeed, kids have really their soft spot when it comes to sweets. And as parents, we must always keep it in mind to take care of our child's health every day, especially their teeth. My kids and I would always have a joy ride into the West Columbia dental office and let the West Columbia dentist do his job in making my kids' teeth healthy and perfect.