Wednesday, April 19, 2006

To Louisville and Beyond!

My brother-in-law, Mark, has been studying theater in graduate school at Ohio University in Athens. I was extremely happy when Candice, Mark and their two boys moved from Texas to Ohio and they were suddenly only an hour and a half away (when Larry is driving anyway). I knew that it wouldn't last forever; Mark's program entails two years of schoolwork followed by a year-long internship at a theater.

Well, two years are almost up and this week Mark received some great news; Mark has been offered an internship at Actors Theater of Louisville, Kentucky. It's an amazing opportunity. I think about 2,000 people audition for 22 spots, and Mark was happy to have an audition let alone get a spot. Actors has won Tony Awards and they host the Humana Festival.

I'm so happy for Mark, but I have to admit that I'm sad that the Stringham family will be further away from us. Candice and I have grown especially close while she's been in Ohio, and I'm not ready to let her go yet! It looks like Larry and I will take a few trip to Louisville next year.

(photo courtesy of Candice of course)


Larry said...

That'll mean you're stuck spending more time with me Steph. I'd better brush up on my Gillmore knowledge, and find some books on tape for a longer drive (but I'll bet I could drive to Lousville in in hour and a half).

mjs said...

My theory is that we'll be making more trips up there that what you think. Or at least Candice will. There will be many overnight strikes that, I'm sure, she'll want to escape from. It's nice that she has such a cool sister to run to. We'll miss you two very much.