Friday, April 28, 2006

Speaking of passionate people with amazing talents . . .

I was recently scooped by my sister who already posted on her blog about her admiration for our dad. I was all ready to post about my dad's photography, but I was saving it for a day when I didn't have anything to talk about so I would still have something exciting to share. Today finally seems like the perfect day to share.

There are so many reasons to admire my dad: every year on Valentine's Day he writes each of his kids a special Valentine telling us specific reasons he's proud of us and how much he loves each of us, he got me through AP calculus even though he hadn't seen most of it since he studied it in college, he became a professor even though he could make more money at an environmental engineering firm because he feels like he makes a bigger difference sending out more engineers to do what he does, he really cares about his students and invites them over for parties at his home, every year he dresses like a nerd on Halloween and teaches his classes dressed that way, he sold his French horn to buy my mom's engagement ring, he played semi-pro soccer but quit to go to college so he could be educated and one day support his family, he came up with my science fair project every year from third-grade through my freshman year of high school and I usually won, he keeps encouraging me to write a book because he says he knows it will be good, and he almost never ever was mad or raised his voice, I haven't even heard him swear once.

Now that my youngest sibling is in college my dad can finally focus on what he loves to do instead of what we need him to do. He just had his first solo photography exhibit at Brigham Young University. Here are are few of his photographs and a picture of his exhibit.

While Candice specializes in portraiture, my dad specializes in still life and landscape photography. Don't his photographs look like paintings? I'm so proud of my dad. It's do nice to see him finding success doing something he lives.

And I feel pretty lucky to be from such a creative family.

You can see more of my dad's work on his Web site:

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Larry said...

You do have an impressive dad. I know I'm not alone in admiring him.

And his exhibit sure turned out well. Wow. We'll have to get one of his prints up on our wall. Real art, by someone we know!