Monday, April 24, 2006

Glasses galore

We had another busy weekend. Larry and I both had projects to work on Saturday morning; he picked up mulch and started prepping the yard (and I helped a little, but after about 20 minutes I was getting sunburned) (Oh, the joys of having a yard. I understand now why Larry always said he didn’t want a yard until he could afford to pay someone else to take care of it) I worked on cleaning our house and painting some picture frames. I traced the frames on newspaper and taped it up on our living room wall to figure out how to hang them and now the newspaper has been up there for about a month so I figured it was time to work on it. Here’s how they turned out.

Now I just have to print some pictures to hang in them. Larry’s sister, Kerilyn, emailed me a copy of a photo from their parents’ wedding so I think I might try to collect my parents’ or grandparents’ wedding pictures and use all of those. Here’s the picture of Larry’s parents. Weren’t they so cute? And can you believe how much Larry looks like his dad?

The Stringhams came up Saturday evening to spend the night because they had stake conference up here on Sunday. Grant arrived just in time to help Larry find the last scary bunny.

Grant also discovered these freaky glasses that Larry brought home awhile ago with eyes that totally creep me out.

Then our friends Jason and Liz showed up with scary glasses of their own.

We had a fun night playing games that Larry always wants to play and no one else will ever go for like Mad and Trump the game.

We were in charge of providing ice cream for the linger longer after church on Sunday so we spent the week eating everything in our freezer so we could fill the whole thing with ice cream. Luckily we were only left with two cartons of ice cream to bring home so we have room for some new food. We also went to our friend Jared Anderson’s birthday party last night so we could have even more ice cream. It was a huge party because the Andersons are such fun friends that everyone wanted to be there to celebrate. I didn’t take my camera because I already had a bunch of weekend photos, but I wish I would have because it was so much fun. On that note, do you think I’m putting too many pictures on this blog? Is this page really hard for some of you to pull up with so many photos? Or maybe I’m boring you all to death with pictures that are really not all that exciting. Let me know.


Ayn said...

Hey step,

your so good about updating your blog. I really think it s groovy. I like the bunnies you have hidden all around.. p.s.
I really need your address.
email it to me please.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say ... Steph.. Steph, not STEP! sorry.

candice said...

I like the pictures. I'm on dial up and it doesn't take long at all.

Mom to Allison and James said...

I like to read your blog. And I think pictures add to the fun effect. Don't stop. Keep it up.

Diane said...

I also am amazed at how much Larry looks like his Dad in his younger years. I have gotten countless grief about that famous bow I'm wearing. What a sweet little bunny! Will you keep us updated on it? Love the blogs...keep up the good work.

Larry said...

I say keep the pictures too. It makes it much more fun. Plus I'm bad at emailing pictures to people so it gives everyone a much better chance at actually seeing what pictures we take.

Plus I can show off what a good-looking, creative wife I have!