Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Stark Contrast

Larry is doing much better. The difference was so gradual that I barely notice it until I look at comparisions like this and I realize that Larry is finally getting back to his old self.

He lost so much weight with his thyroidtoxicosis and now post-radiation and medication he is actually hypothyroid so instead of bouncing off the walls he looks like this most of the time.

But he's getting better and better as they balance his medication. No wonder I thought I looked so chubby in these pictures Candice took last fall. Who could look skinny next to Larry back then?

PS- Have I told you that I love having a sister who is a photographer?


DIane said...

I love checking in on your blogs Steph. You do a great job of keeping us updated with your lives.

Larry said...

Fat - skinny, fat - skinny. (That's for Steph: one of the better commercials in recent history). What I thought humorous is that another resident who has only known me since starting residency saw old pictures of me and said it "looked like someone wearing a Larry mask." But now I'm back to me!

p.s. - Steph is cute!

Scott said...

Good thing I did not see those pictures before. holy crap you look a little ghoulish in those pictures. Darn that misfunctioning thyroid.

Love the updates and the smart comments posted by my wacking brother