Sunday, April 30, 2006

I forfeit

Larry and I have given up on cooking. This last month has pretty much been mac & cheese or fast food. We wandered around around the grocery store and barely bought anything because nothing sounded good and we couldn't think of anything to make. We are awful meal planners and we have been too tired after work to think about it so Friday we gave in an headed to Super Suppers. What's Super Suppers, you ask? Only my new favorite place in the world!

Each month Super Suppers has a menu of twelve meals; in their kitchen they have a station for each meal with all the necessary ingredients and directions on how to put it together. You sign up to make six or twelve meals that are big enough for a family of four to six people. Larry and I signed up for twelve meals and split each in half so tada, in less then two hours, we put together dinner for the whole month. You put all the meals in the freezer (luckily our freezer was empty after providing ice cream for the whole ward last week) then you make sure you have a few in the fridge defrosting so you have a couple to choose from. Each meal is either in freezer bags or disposable aluminum pans and is labeled with cooking directions and recommendations for side dishes. The meals are much more gourmet than anything we've been cooking and now there's barely any prep time or any dishes to clean up afterward. It's totally worth it to me.

So far we've tried chicken a la Florentine braided bread and crispy onion talapia with rice pilaf. Both meals were great. All I can say is why didn't we try this sooner?


Melinda said...

Why oh why do they not have these in Utah?! "30 Meals in a Day" has nothing on this place.

Stephanie said...

For anyone in Utah wondering, there is another company that basically does the same thing that has locations in Utah too. It's called Dream Dinners. I think that they are a little more expensive, but I have a friend who uses them and says they are great.

Larry said...

Man, we look GOOD cooking.

That's all.