Tuesday, April 11, 2006

She's Here!

Marissa arrived at approximately 8:35 pm

She jaunted over to pick up her luggage

Then we had dinner at Aladdin's

And Marissa was reunited with Graeter's ice cream

Then on to our house where she got a new sock monkey

I'm so excited to have Marissa in town!


kate said...

Hey Steph--this is kate--I just wanted to say HEY to Marissa and tell her that I love her wedding pictures--she looks beautiful--and John and I were just remembering the other day when we dyed easter eggs and we thought of the brilliant idea of dyeing bits of our hair in the egg dye--good times--I miss the Borup sisters!

Anonymous said...

Hey lady!
Little Marissa is all grown-up!
And so has Eli. You're a great photographer too.