Thursday, April 06, 2006

Changes at the Ford Household

Before: Stephanie with hair

After: Stephanie without hair! (while feeling really stupid taking a picture of herself because Larry was away at an AIDS lecture)

It was quite a bit shorter than intended. I feel like I'm bald! I really wish it was at least and inch or two longer. Oh well, it grows fast.

And after 4 1/2 years of marriage, Larry finally has his much desired Dust Buster. Hey, I'll take any excuse to visit Target.


candice said...

I want a hair cut! Look how cute you are! I love it!

mjs said...

I want a haircut too! And I can't tell what is more dapper: Larry or his TOTALLY AWESOME DUST BUSTER!!!

Anonymous said...

love your hair!
So maybe it runs in the family, but we just got a dust buster also and could not be happier! simple things for simple minds i guess!

Larry said...

Fantastic haircut! Cute as a button, I say!