Sunday, April 09, 2006

Our weekend

We did not have a thrilling weekend, but we accomplished a lot. Larry did our taxes, I checked out an apartment for a friend who might move here, I tried a new recipe (Larry and I set a goal to each try a new recipe this month because we cannot cook and we can only stand Pastaroni so many nights a week!), and I finally hung those frames up.

We did manage to fit in a little fun. Larry got together with some old friends for a boys' night on Friday. They went out to dinner and then came back to our house to play games.

I came downstairs and seriously thought that they were playing magic, but Larry said that it's called Talisman and it's not nearly as nerdy as playing magic. I do not have a comment about that polite enough to publish on this blog. Suddenly those stories that I heard about 14-year-old Larry in his friends playing stategy games for hours were easy to believe.

Saturday morning I went out to breakfast with some friends from church. I think that my friends are a little cuter than Larry's.

That pretty much sums up our weekend.


Anonymous said...

i hate to break it to you steph....but since you already married him.....HE DIDNT JUST PLAY THOSE GAMES WHEN HE WAS 14. IT WAS MORE LIKE 17 YEARS OLD!

Larry said...

Don't rat me out, anonymous!!

Larry said...

And while our friends are cute, I think mine might be cuter.

Okay, not at all. But as you can see we're definitely NOT nerdy.

Okay, we are. Dang it, this blog has become a window into my soul!