Sunday, April 23, 2006

The bunnies are taking over!

I love to decorate for the holidays. It's something that Candice and I inherited from our mom who inherited it from her mom. Luckily, Larry doesn't seem to mind too much. I must be rubbing off on him because he saw these stuffed bunnies in the Easter section at Target and said that he actually wanted them (as much he really wants any Easter decorations, anyway). I think he likes them because they look so mischeivious. I couldn't resist buying them for him when I saw them on clearance at Target. I hid them all over the house were they could catch Larry with the element of surprise. Don't they look like they are up to something?

1 comment:

Larry said...

A good idea. But the second to last one looks less mischevious than squished by the computer.