Wednesday, April 12, 2006

New Tradition

I love family traditions. Larry and I are still deciding on our own traditions and we just established a new one. I know it will sound kind of silly, but I was trying think of a way to make guests from out of town know that we're happy to have them visit, and I finally came up with buying fun pajamas for each of our visitors (ok, we've only had two visitors since we've settled in this house (Alicia & Riss) but we found fun pajamas for each of them (pajama's with sock monkeys on them for Alicia, of course, and pajamas with ducks on parade for Marissa in honor of the Duckling Day Parade we plan on visiting this Saturday))

And here is a picture of Marissa posing in her pj's (I have no idea why she was up there, but there you go).

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Jess's Mom said...

Okay, I think that's a great tradition. When do I get to be a guest? I could some new PJ's. :-)

I love the pictures of your house and I love the green striped room! That turned out great.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

Love Deb