Friday, May 01, 2009

CA - Day Three

Thanks to some Christmas money from Larry's mom and Tom, we have a membership to our local children's science museum (I'm working on including gifts and are experiences instead of things that will clutter up our tiny home).  Besides supporting a great local business and having a fun place to go on rainy days, we get free admission to children's science museums all over the country so we decided to take advantage while we were in California.

We were visiting California while most schools there were on spring break, so when we arrived at the discovery Science Museum, it was incredibly crowded and we would have been reluctant to pay full-price, but hey, it was free so we decided to brave the crowds.

Creed had the time of his life.  He loved pretending to drive this zamboni.
My favorite part of the museum was the dinosaur park outside.  You could rent magic wands and receive a secret mission, then all over the park there were special spots that you could wave your wand and a secret message would appear or a box would open and you'd hear someone talk to you or a dinosaur image would move.  I can't wait to take Creed back when he's a little older.

We happened to be visiting while Fan Yang was on tour with his Bubblefest show so we got to see that and Creed got to make his own gigantic bubbles.

He took it very seriously and I think it was his favorite part of the day.  Since then, he's asked several times to go back to the "bubble museum"
After a change of clothes he headed back inside to drive the Magic Schoolbus
and we couldn't leave without checking out the wind tunnel.

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Brooke said...

Hi Steph-
I'm meeting up with a couple friends at the zoo this Wednesday if you and Creed are available and want to come :) We are meeting there at 10am and plan to stay until 12:30 or 1:00. If it is raining we are going to go to Classic Skating instead (they have an indoor play area for young ones)