Thursday, May 07, 2009

A tisket, a tasket, a big picnic basket!

Tonight, Larry came home to this.  I wouldn't let him peak inside until we got to the park.
And that's where he found this. Because after I popped dinner into the oven, I went out to the backyard with Creed to play and we didn't want to go back in.
I didn't have a lot on hand for our impromptu picnic, but it all worked out.  We had apple rings, Izzy soda, and chicken slab pies (Martha Stewart brand for Costco), which didn't look pretty, but tasted sooooo good! 
And dessert too, of course!
We had so much fun that we've decided to make it a tradition.  I hope you're ready for lots of picnic posts because I'm already brainstorming all the fun things we could pack and making a mental list of simple things to buy to make our picnic prettier like parchment paper and baker's twine.  I'd love to hear any of your ideas.
We ate at Liberty Park and after I fed Creed, we headed over to his favorite part of the playground where he "fed" us hot dogs, milk, and ice cream.
And he waited anxiously for any other customers who might stop by.
I think we're going to pick new parks to explore for each of our picnics so if you have a favorite in the Salt Lake area, please tell me about it!

I'm loving the warm weather and long days!


Meg said...

So fun!! We do pizza at the park here. Yes, my lazy night cooking on Little Cesear's customer appreciation night, but Alyssa loves it.

I loved the "Cinderella park" growing up in SLC and even had a b-day party there one year. It has Cinderella's pumpkin carriage and castle--it is getting old though. It is really called Evergreen Park and is located 3435 South 2220 East.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog! You make me want to throw a picnic together and head to the park right now!! Thanks for the inspiration... :)

The Jensen Family said...

Real Simple's June magazine has a fun section on Picnics!

The Daily Brew said...

Your blog is so fun! I actually found it through the eensies blog where your colored pasta entry was posted. You have such great ideas!