Thursday, May 21, 2009

Creed and Jesse, Jesse and Creed

Creed is in for a shock this summer because three of his close friends are moving away.  The first to move is his best friend here, Jesse.  I've never seen two little boys this age so attached to each other.  Most of the time Creed is with other two-year-olds, playing together really means parallel play, where they are in the same space, but they are each doing their own thing.  As soon as we arrived in Utah, Creed has loved Jesse and it amazes me watched them play together and be overjoyed to see each other.

This week we had a couple of play-dates with Jesse while his parents packed and cleaned.  It surprised me to see Creed and Jesse doing the exact same things in so many of these pictures.  I don't know how they understand each other so well. 

Jesse has always called Creed, "Pew" and this week after playing with Jesse, Creed told me, "Mommy, me Pew!"

Today we got together one last time for a trip to the zoo. As we left Creed kept pointing to Jesse and saying, "Again! Again! Jesse Play!" and I explained that Jesse is getting on an airplane and going far away, he isn't going to live here anymore.  Poor Creed broke down in tears.  We are really going to miss this little guy.


Lisa R. Lewis said...

sheesh, this breaks my heart. Those two are so adorable together

R said...

It's so cute to see your kids play and get friends.
Guess Creed just needs a brother. ;)
I'm sure it's hard for you seeing friends move away (again) too. I think our goodbyes are just getting started . . . :(

B will surely miss Maya when we move. As she has missed Alyssa and her other kids her age. I was hoping having Sierra would give her a friend. They already have a connection--but I think that friend thing will really pan out once Sierra can walk. Here's hoping.

David said...

Oh my goodness: they are great together! I just love the shot of the two of them rolling in the grass... like one of them just told a very clever joke. Genuine friends.

Carlye said...

I love the pictures of them together. Especially the ones of them in the grass. I don't know what we're going to do when Leonardo moves. It will be tragic. :-)
We'll have to get Creed and Ty together to play.