Monday, May 04, 2009

CA - Day Seven, Balboa Island

I don't often wish for riches, but every time I visit Balboa Island, I find myself dreaming that we could be millionaires so we could own a home there.  Before Keri and Jack left town, we spent a day on Balboa Island.  We took the ferry over for an added adventure.

I loved this view (the boys and the water.) This photo reminds me of how tiny Creed still is.  Sometimes I forget.
I have a crush on all of the homes there.  Each one is cuter than the next.

And is=f you lived in one of those cute homes, everyday you could walk to get a Balboa Bar with your favorite topping.
We opted to get Creed ice cream because we thought it would be easier for him to eat.
The original plan was to rent a surrey or some bikes and ride around, but it got hot so we skipped it and headed for the beach.  Thanks to Keri and Diane, we took a few family pictures
This is my current favorite!
And our jumping inspired Jack too!


The Jensen Family said...

I thought your favorite house was the one with all of the teddy bears in it!
Maybe Creed isn't small at all, maybe Larry is abnormally HUGE

Nina Lewis said...

So, where are Larry's yellow sunglasses???

Meg said...

Balboa bars are the best!! Looks like a fabulous trip, so fun.

Larry said...

Nina - the yellow sunglasses were banned from this photo shoot.