Saturday, May 09, 2009

Reasons I'm pretty sure my toddler is cooler than me

  1. We both have I-pods, but I barely touch mine, and he loves walking about wearing his headphones and listening to his favorite songs.
  2. He loves cooler bands than I do.  How many two-year-olds do you know who go around singing along to Vampire Weekend?
  3. I looked back in the car the other day and he was sitting like this bobbing his head up and down to the radio.
  4. And sometimes he sits like this when he watches TV.
  5. He loves to walk up to teenage girls and say, "Hey Baby!" I could barely talk to boys until I was well into high school.
  6. He picked out this hat a regularly wears it.  I don't think that I can pull it off.

  7. He drives a Vespa
  8. He's becoming more technologically savvy than me, and we have to fight for the computer because he wants to watch videos on YouTube.
  9. When he dances he tries to breakdance, and he has perfected knee-slides.
  10. He already has strong opinions about his clothes, and he dresses like a rock star.
I think pretty soon he's going to start hanging out in galleries and begging me to give him a later bedtime so he can be a DJ Mix Master at clubs I wouldn't dream of checking out.


Shawn - Eclectic Whimsy said...

What a riot. LOL I'm most jealous of that Vespa. :) Happy Mother's day.

Gabriele said...

Hilarious!! He is too darn cute!
Where on earth did you find that Vespa? TOO darn cute!

Eva said...

are his shoes onthe wrong feet in that last photo? if so, it must be the cool new thing that i'm too old to know about.

Brooke said...

He is too cute!!

I totally thought that I had invited you to view my blog- but apparently I don't have a good email address for you. Sorry! My email is Send me your email so that we can plan a play date soon! :)

Melinda said...

My girls agree...Creed is cool! How ADORABLE!

Diana said...

He is too cool for school! Ha ha!

Mom said...

Yes, but is he cooler than LARRY?

Larry said...

Infinitely so.

Dani said...

Steph, that is HILARIOUS. He is super cool. He's way cooler than I am that's for sure. I'm glad he hasn't realized that yet and that he will still talk to me if I talk to him. I'm going to have to start carrying candy with me in case he starts to notice my uncoolness and I have to resort to bribery.