Thursday, May 07, 2009

Well coo, coo, cachoo!

As you might remember, the rocking chairs that we bought for our porch, were still in their Ikea boxes serving as Creed's train table, which he was not about to give up so one of the first projects that we tackled when we got home was getting a train table.  The problem was that train tables are pretty big and we didn't have room for a traditional one and we didn't want to spend much on a piece of furniture Creed will quickly outgrow.  After a bit of searching this is what we came up with using table legs and a plain desk top from Ikea.  Eventually I'll be adding some cute baskets to make use of the space underneath.
Creed loved "helping" Larry put it together.  
We finished setting it up when Creed was napping.  This was his face when he saw the finished product.  
I think he likes it!


simply_hibiscus said...

awww he's too cute dude!!!!

good job parents !


Reba said...

What a great idea! From our visit I could tell how much Creed needed a train table. He's so cute!

Larry said...

I just love those dimples, and would do just about anything to see them! He loves that table, and it's freed up our porch chairs - bonus!

Eva said...

love that face!

Diana said...

Look at that adorable excited face! So cute!