Monday, May 04, 2009

CA - Day Four, Disney California Adventure

Luckily we were in California during Disney's 2fer pass for Southern Californians; for the price of a one day pass to Disneyland or California Adventure, you get a second day at the other park for free.  That meant that we could spend a surprisingly relaxed day at California Adventure without feeling like we needed to rush and get our money's worth.  It also meant Creed had a day to get used to the rides, which made Disneyland much more enjoyable a few days later.

Not so wisely, we started off with the new Toy Story ride while the line was still really short.  We thought Creed would calm down once he was on the ride and he recognized the Toy Story characters, but not so much.  He was terrified!  I felt so bad.  After that we decided to opt for something that we knew he would like and took him to the Disney Playhouse show.  He loved seeing Mickey and friends and the Little Einsteins on stage.  He clearly thought he was seeing the real characters and was in awe.  That alone made the whole trip worth it.

A few other highlights from the day were that we attempted the Monsters Inc ride and Creed actually seemed to enjoy it
He was thrilled to see this little Wall-E cutout
He even had to give it a hug and a kiss before we moved on.
While Larry was on the Tower of Terror I got in line with Creed to take his picture with Lightning McQueen and Mater.  Creed had no idea what we were in line for until Larry arrived and Creed caught a glimpse as I set him down.  He darted through the line and into someone's picture to give Lightning a hug and he was dancing with joy.  It was really hard to wait for our turn, but he made it.
We literally had to pry him away after he gave them hugs, and then he talked about seeing them the rest of the day.
He napped like a champ in his stroller.
And he didn't mind waiting for the Pixar Parade (which was one his other favorite parts of the day).  He just pulled out his cars and played in the street until the parade came.  He has been asking for Sally from the movie Cars, but we hadn't been able to find one until Keri picked the last one up when they were at California Adventure.  I think he will love Keri FOREVER for that.

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and I will love him forever because can you not love him?? and you guys too!