Friday, May 15, 2009

April Favorites

I've been thinking about it, and these favorite posts probably seem pretty trivial and maybe even a little materialistic, but I think it will be so interesting to look back at them. When Creed is asking, "What were you thinking when you dressed me that way or read me that book, etc."  we can show him these posts and all laugh together.  Don't you wish your parents documented trivial stuff like this when you were little?

Favorite Clothing Item of the Month:
Creed's skinny jeans from H&M.  They are so cute with his big diaper bum (I REALLY wish we had an H&M with a kid's department here or at least they should have an online shop.  We bought the next size up too so we don't have to bribe someone to pick up another pair in a few months).  
Larry- Houndstooth hightop Vans (the third ones pictured here).  I'm not making these things up people!  He seriously paid money for these and wears them with pride (Granted they were only $5.00, but there is a reason no one else wanted them).  I can do nothing more than sit here staring at this image of them shaking my head in shame.
Snack Food of the Month:
Jolly Time Mallow Magic Popcorn.  It sounds gross, and I think my eyes might have bulged out in disgust when Larry picked it up at the store, but it tastes just like rice crispy treats and now we're addicted!

Kids' Song of the Month:
Jonas Brothers "Live to Party"  This week, Creed and I headed home from the zoo listening to Radio Disney because I forgot to bring his Ipod and "Live To Party" comes on.  I've never heard the song before, but like all Jonas Brothers songs, it has a catchy chorus that repeats and before I know it, Creeds singing along to, "Rock and Roll" at the top of his lungs and when the song ends, he says, "Mama, more rock and roll!  More rock and roll, please!" and now he fits the phrase, "rock and roll" into almost all of his conversations.  Seriously!
Beauty Product of the Month:
Neutrogena suncreen.  I am white, white, white.  My mom made me carry sunscreen in my backpack when we lived in Hawaii because I would get sunburned during PE.  After years, I have finally found a suncreen that I LOVE.  It has the highest ratings from dermatologists for UVA AND UVB protection (It scored higher than sunscreens well over $100 a bottle).  It comes in regular sunblock or a spray-on body mist and neither one feels greasy.  And now they sell it at Costco so it's easy to stock up.  And this year they finally came out with a version for kids (including a cream, a mist or a stick).
Picture Book of the Month:
Pssst! by Adam Rex. So very clever and creative.  You will love it, and then you will have to search for a copy of your own.


Larry said...

I love the popcorn and I love the shoes. That's right - love them both!

susan said...

Thank you for the further info on the hotels.

I'm going to have to try that popcorn now. It sounds like heaven via a microwave.

Also, I am a fellow pasty white. I was rocking the 65 last year but didn't know they are up to 85!

Amber said...

Those shoes really are hideous, but I do like clothes that have a story. As for the popcorn, I think I'm going to have to hunt some down!

Calvin Family said...

What kind of daily sunscreen/moisturizer do you use on your face? I am fair-skinned as well and need to find a new daily moisturizer with sunscreen. You always have great suggestions, so I thought I would ask you. Thanks!

Mom said...

Steph -
teenage drama emergency - please check your e-mail for a message from me. HELP!

Nikki said...

Okay, this is not the first time you've mentioned Pssst! So, we reserved it at the library. As always, thanks for the book suggestions.