Monday, May 04, 2009

CA - Day Six, The Magic Kingdom

It's so fun being maried to someone who loves Disneyland as much as me (ok, maybe even more than me because he told me over and over how excited he was to take Creed to Disneyland.  He couldn't sleep the night before.  He was like a kid on Christmas Eve).  We arrived bright and early just after the park opened.  Make fun of me all you want, but we all wore matching Mickey ears.  This day was all about Creed and he looked so stink cute that it was totally worth it.
His favorite ride is still the Casey Jr Train (I don't think I EVER went on this ride until I had Creed)
When we were back in Utah prepping for the trip I was talking to Creed about how we were going to Disneyland, where Mickey had his house, and we were going to go on ride there.  I asked him if he remembered going on rides there last fall.  He said, "Train!" which I didn't think much of because we ride at the train at the zoo all the time, but them he said, "Elephants, flying!"  What?  How did he possibly remember that?  He was a little more nervous to ride them this time.
But he warmed up in the end.
He LOVED meeting Mickey.  He got right down on the floor and tried to play cars with him.
And he gave him two hugs goodbye.  You have to love this age!
And since trains are big at our house, we also had to go on the monorail.
Notice that Creed is always riding with me.  He still likes to hold onto his Mamma when he is nervous.
We caught several glimpses of Creed admiring his Mickey shadow as he walked around the park.
Mickey ears and skinny jeans, does it get any cuter than that?
Larry's best friend from medical school and his wife Alex showed up at noon (Ben and Alex, who shows up at Disneyland at noon?)  Creed is a big fan of Alex and it was so fun having friends with us for the rest of the day.
The park was really crowded but they had all the lines on all of the rides going so the lines weren't too bad.  In the midst of all of that, we walked right off The Pirates of the Carrebean and ran right into my cousins.  What are the chances of that? My cousin Weston said he always wanted that hat when he was little and his parents would never buy it for him so he HAD to have it on this trip.  I guess lots of dreams do come true at Disneyland.
Creed was really, really good.  We only had to resort to pulling out games on my Ipod twice and that kept him busy.  He fell asleep on Larry during the parade and slept all the way through the Haunted Mansion (with all the movement and screaming) and most of the line for the Finding Nemo Submarines.
It was a really great day, and to make it even better, Larry's mom and Keri picked Creed up at 9:00, and we stayed with Ben and Alex until the park closed at midnight riding all the grown-up rides we missed during the day like Indiana Jones and the Matterhorn.
Oh, and I did I mention the tea cups?  A word of advice, use extreme caution before getting into tea cups with two strapping young men! (Thanks for the video Benji and Alex!)


Roostew said...

" ... does it get any cuter than that!" No way does it get any cuter than that. We moved last June back to Australia from Canada and stopped in Disneyland on the way with our three kids. We were there for three days and it STILL was not enough time - I do not know who was more excited about going - me or the kids! I love reading your blog - your son is the cutest thing in skinny jeans ever!

The Jensen Family said...

Casey Jr. is one of my favorite rides wonder Creed and I are best buds!

Larry said...

I was so excited for Creed to be there, and see everything because I knew he'd love it. I was right!

And who knew I wore a Mickey yarmelke?

It was such a fun day. Perhaps the most fun day. I loved seeing Benji and Aglecx (Creed's pronounciation), and the teacup video will forever make me happy.